I’m sure you’ve all played around with Google’s latest toy – Google Maps. Pretty rad stuff! I tried it out a few weeks ago before the satellite image feature was added and wasn’t nearly as impressed. Now, this is just plain cool! The satellite image of downtown Toronto – the surrounding area of my work is pretty killer. The shadows cast from the taller buildings and the CN Tower look awesome. I wish I could view the city from this angle every day. It’s a lot harder to make out the douche bags and homeless jackasses trying to get your attention. Oh shit, while we’re on the topic… there’s this dude that’s been hanging around the neighbourhood lately. He’s usually shirtless, wearing a Santa hat and making the loudest, most obnoxious noises to ever come out of a human being. Holy hell that guy sucks! At first we all thought he was just plain fucking crazy, but we’ve seen some guys video taping him and today he had a sign that read; “Want to know who I am? Email me at…” Lame.