Mozilla, today released a preview of their next-gen browser, Firefox. As I’ve done many-a-times, I encourage everyone to download this fine piece of software. This release is a glimpse of what is to come in the finished version – which is due next month. A couple improvements I’ve noticed so far are greatly increased page rendering and a new RSS bookmark system. Very cool!

Today’s a big day for Mozilla as they’ve always released fresh builds of their self-titled browser (which is now at 1.7.3) and email client, Thunderbird. The changes to Thunderbird are just what I’ve been waiting for before I make the switch from Outlook. They’ve added the ability to share folders between accounts, instead of having an independent list for each. It also comes stocked with a built-in RSS feed reader.

Anyways, if you like good shit that works – you should probably consider downloading some of Mozilla’s free software.

Related: Mozilla had a design group called hicksdesign do the Firefox and Thunderbird logos. Check out the process from start to finish..

Firefox | Thunderbird


this is good for you and me, if these browsers start complying to more standards they can display more advanced graphics and they can support more advanced programming aswell. I’m learning a bunch of new things that are coming out, mix that in with some sweet graphics & flash ive been seeing latley.. and wow websites are going to be crazy powerful soon.

No kidding! There’s a list a mile long of why standards compliance is needed, and why designers, web developers, software developers and even the end user needs to work together to make good things happen.

people think thats why MS let IE go to hell like that, if web applications get too powerful and you can do most of your computer stuff through web applications, nobodys going to need the latest and greatest OS’s anymore.. which = microsoft loses money.