Last week I updated for the first time since I launched it back in December. I was hoping to have a full international site up and running a short time after the initial launch, but it never happened. It’s still in the works and slowly but surely getting there. I had considered posting “news” regarding the icon as it happened – Opera adopting the icon for instance and whenever one of the “big guys” jumped on board, but then I would have been posting every other day and who has time for that? Obviously, not this slacker… I mean, guy. 😉

Standard Feed Icons

In any case, there’s been a recent development that’s definitely worth mentioning. Mozilla has officially posted guidelines for those who want to use the icon and crowned 2 variations as being the standard. One at 28×28, which you see everywhere as it’s the original variation I vectorized. The other is a smaller 14×14 icon that closely resembles the Firefox Live Bookmarks icon that started it all. I’m sure there’s lots of questions floating around, and hopefully Mozilla’s FAQ has you covered.

So, how does this affect you? Chances are, it doesn’t. If you’re a software vendor, though – you might want to have a good read. For those bloggers and web services out there that use the icon to represent their feeds – I’d love to see you swapping out icons 14×14 or smaller with the “new” standard icon of that size, but I don’t expect everyone to jump and do it this instance. Actually, I don’t expect anyone to do it at all. It would be nice to see, though.

It feels great to have this all “finalized” and officially standardized. Now, to get that blasted site done, once and for all!


It’s pretty cool to start up something like this and really make a difference (atleast in the webworld!). Good job Matt, looking forward to the new!

I was psyched about that project of yours since the first time I saw it. I know you want to ‘get the site done’ but the truth of the matter is, it has already done a lot of great work in spreading the icon.

Great work, Matt, and I’m excited to see what you’ve come up with as far as the new design goes

Congrats Matt. You are a one man army. I’m really looking forward to the new Feed Icons website.

Nice update. It was awesome when you first launched, and got everyone united. I was really looking for the update for reboot, but I know how those things go. Nice work by the way…

i think you should open a cafepress shop or something with some shirts and stickers with the Rss logo on it. that would be awesome. i know i would buy a couple.

Those icons are superb.

But, it’s all very well using them, but a lot of web users still don’t know what that orange box represents. I adapted one of them by adding the letters RSS to the front and made that part of the reflection on my science site. Now, you might say, a lot of web users won’t know what RSS stands for, but at least there’s chance that the curious will look it up and discover the wonders of newsfeeds. Especially if you add a "what’s RSS?" link below the graphic.

Hopefully the uninitiated will begin to catch on now that you’ve standardized the rss logo. Keep up the good work.