Last week I wrote about my recent purchase of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows, most notably, the lack of support from Microsoft and the inability to tweak it. Not that this should come as a surprise to any Windows user. But still quite disappointing.

Since then, I’ve received quite a few hits from people searching phrases like “xbox 360 controller deadzone”, “configure xbox 360 controller for windows”, “xbox 360 controller for windows mapping”, etc. Needless to say, I’m not the only one been who’s looking for a solution. Luckily, thanks to a few (very lengthy) anonymous tips, that solution has been found!

Pinnacle Game Profiler has come to the rescue. Developed by KALiNKOsoft, it’s an advanced (yet very easy to use) shareware application that adds gamepad/joystick support to any game and let’s you tweak your controller and emulate keyboard and mouse movements to a tee. I was playing Need For Speed Most Wanted within 10 minutes from the time I installed the software. Mind you, I had to completely setup the controller, so in future, that time will be cut in half, at least.

Initial Setup

As soon as you fire up Pinnacle Game Profile, it will recognize your Xbox 360 controller and start the collaboration wizard. This is a very simple process in which you will be prompted to move the analog sticks in certain directions and also give you the option to adjust the deadzone for them. That’s right – one of the first things you do is fix the near non-existent deadzone. I knew from this point, Pinnacle was the answer I was looking for.

Creating A Configuration

Once you add a game profile, you can assign a configuration to it. The software is set up so you can make generic configurations (such as driving, first person shooter, etc.) but unfortunately, there’s no standard key config that all developers stick to, so you’ll most likely be creating a custom configuration for each game. But no worries, once you setup an Image Guide, it’ll be a cinch. And to help you along, I’ve exported the Xbox 360 controller Image Guide I created. You can download it here. Simply unpack the file, click the import button from the configuration screen and select the ‘xbox360.igd’ file that was inside the package. Now you’ll see an image of the 360 controller and all of the buttons, analog sticks and triggers are named. This should make the process of setting up a new configuration pretty quick for you. If you click a button on the controller, it will be highlighted on the Image Guide and an options menu will appear for the button you’ve selected. From here, you can setup your Commands – which is how you map the buttons to the keyboard and/or mouse. For more info on setting up Commands, hit F1 and the FAQ will open up which contains all the info you’ll need. You might need to go into the game and write down the control scheme, if you don’t have the manual to refer to.

Once you’ve completed the process for one game, you’ll be able to whip off others in no time at all.

One thing I’d like to point out – you’ll need to either clear or disable the gamepad/controller configuration within your game to avoid conflicts. I didn’t do this initially with NFS Most Wanted and noticed some buttons doing two separate actions. This is why. Once I cleared the controller config in the options menu, I was good to go! Some games don’t have have a clear option, but you can usually select which input device you want to use. In this case, set it to keyboard and mouse.

So there you have it! If you don’t mind shelling out 20 bucks, you can actually make use of the Xbox 360 controller for Windows you just spent $60 on. If you’re a cheap ass, you’ll have to wait until MS gets around to finishing the job. Chances are, whatever they put out won’t be nearly as customizable as Pinnacle Game Profiler, so you might be better off just buying it. Your call – I’ve already purchased my license and couldn’t be happier with it. And they didn’t pay me say that!


It’s good software for games that don’t support gamepads. For games that already support gamepads (i.e., Madden 2006), though, it lacks the ability to remap button functions to other buttons; therefore, the triggers are still useless in Madden.

Anyone know of any software/registry hacks to do this with?

You can map the buttons/triggers/thumbsticks to whatever you want. You map the buttons in the software, not in game and you must launch the game from Pinnacle for the new mappings to take effect.

I’ve now used this on 5 or 6 games and it works great!

A litle problem ist still there. If I map the left thumbstick to the keyboard it will act like a digital controller.

Means, if I press the stick to the left its alway maximum left no matter how far I move the stick.

In my opinion this destroys the advantage of an analog stick which is that you can control how hard you want to go in one direction.

Am I the only one who mentioned that point or did I miss some adjustment in the pinacle software?

PS.: I hope you understand what I mean, my english is not the best…

@Pistol: I understand what you’re saying. Must be a config issue as mine doesn’t behave that way. And you’re right – if there was no sensitivity, it would be useless. You’d have to tap left and right instead of being able to ease into it. Just like the good old days of using a d-pad for steering, flying, etc. Maybe take another stab at the initial setup in Pinnacle.

Thank you so much for the info you gave on your site. When I realized my new controller was pretty much useless with games I searched the internet for some answers and by luck found your site. It takes a little time to get used to but once you get a hang of it the program is easy to use. Thanks again for all the help you have offered.

quick question….. can you play call of duty 2 on it. if so can you make it so that its the same as the 360?

@edd: Yeah dude, I haven’t come across a game Pinnacle doesn’t work with. You can map the buttons what whatever you want – so you can set it up exactly the same way as the Xbox 360 version if you want.

Well, I mailed MS about the rumble when I originally got it last week, and finally received my reply:

Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Care

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like this has been a very frustrating experience for you. After careful review of your issue, we have determined that it is best that you call the Xbox Customer Support number for better assistance;

United States and Canada : 1-800-4MY-XBOX (1-800-469-9269) International direct dial to US : 1- 425-635-7180

Our phone representatives will assist you 7 days a week from 9:00AM -12:00 MN CST (Central Standard Time). Thank you for understanding.



Xbox Customer Care Team

All I said was "my rumble doesn’t work, any ideas?"

Had no idea I seemed frustrated, oh well.

@NoshBar: That’s hilarious! I read somewhere that someone else had called the Xbox support line and they merely forwarded them to – which is where I’m assuming you contacted them from?

There’s no rumble because Microsoft is Microsoft. And what I mean by that – is they took the typical MS approach and rolled out a standard peice of hardware with some not-so-standard guts. It seems as though they’re using Xinput instead of DirectInput (yes, the DirectInput from DirectX which is also developed by MS) which is what all current games and controllers are using for rumble and force feedback.

Pinnacle has released a pre release of version 3 of their software which has better support for the 360 controller. I tried it out last night and it’s pretty good. They’ve completely separated the triggers and you can now fire them both at the same time. They’ve also added rumble but it’s only on controller events, not game events. So you won’t feel bumps in the road, but you can definitely get some shaking going on when you fire guns – for example. You can grab it from the forums – you’ll need to sign up to get the zip package.

Anyone know if I connect a wireless controller using the charge and play pack to my PC, will it work? I tried it along with the downloadable driver and it didn’t work.

Hello, I’ve just downloaded profiler and I wanted to play GTA San Andreas, any hints on button configuration due too foot/automobile controls?

Hey Matt,

Thanks for the information about Pinnacle. I downloaded it today and it’s been working really well, except for one thing. I can not seem to get the triggers to configure for Call of Duty 2. I’ve used the configuration panel and it seems to want to treat the triggers like their on an axis, which is well and good, because maybe you want to thrown a grenade a little ways instead of a Hail Mary. The problem is that after I press the right trigger once, it acts like the thing is still pressed. I’ve tried changing everything that I can, but it just doesn’t want to work. Any advice?

Hey Matt, can you upload a .pin file that contains how you actually configured your controller for NFS:MW? I’m not entirely sure how to set up the joysticks/triggers :/

I think you just have to choose Export Profile Data instead of Export Image Guide. They don’t have a thing for NFS:MW on the Pinnacle web site, and nobody discusses it on the forums, so I figured I’d ask you 😀

Forget Paying for Pinnacle Game Profile if the game you play supports game pads. I have put together a guide on how to instal XBCD drivers for the Xbox 360 controller. With the help of Matthewthefirst who created the drive revision and me who created the guide you can now remap all controls and set dead zones using the drivers. is the website of the guide with all you need to get the fullest out of the Game pad

Hey Zach you would be better off with the xbcd drivers for need for speed most wanted. This is what i use and you get to keep all your analog triggers. for NFSMW use my guide and choose the profile with the 2 seperate triggers.

Here is the Guide-

Hey Dhruv, I tried out that thin at your site, but it’s not working for me. I installed the Windows XP thing for the controller before I installed XBCD, but I went back and installed it again to be sure.

I followed all of the instructions, but XBCD simply will not read my controller. The controller is working fine, and windows reads it, but XBCD is ignoring it :/

Any help?

Yeah is it a Microsoft made Controller or a 3rd party one.

If microsoft. Go to device manager/common controller…/rightclick and update driver/click advanced/choose the driver that ends in gamepad/ then enjoy. Follow the guide step by step. You could not have done it that fast. I sent the message 10 min ago.

Good luck

P.S.S. if it is a 3rd party controller then download here get the version 0.1.1 drivers

Craig if you have xp just let it automatically install the hardware. it will go to windows update and automatically install the hardware. after that follow my steps to install with xbcd drivers

Craig Skip to step 3 and if you need any more help send me a email. the address is at the bottom of the guide.

Yea, my little heart symbol got cut out though. It works wonderfully, I’m about to play Most Wanted now 😀


Hey, I just wanted to share that I just bought the XBOX 360 pad for PC and I was very eager and exited about using it in my new Prince of Persia Two Thrones game… Until…. I install the drivers for it, plug the pad in, calibrate it, and launch POP… When I go to the options screen to set the pad’s buttons, BAM! Nothing…. nothing at all happens when I push buttons… sooooo frustrating….. I have Windows Media Center launching everytime I exit the game… could that be a problem??? I went in to Microsoft’s website for support… but as expected, also nothing… I will try the Pinnacle software and see what happens.

Hit me if you find out anything about this… sooo frustrated……

JMo dont bother with pinnacle. Just install the directx that is on the POP game disk. You are about to unleash all the power of that controller as currently POP is the only game that supports xinput which is what the xbox 360 controller uses. You will have full rumble control and your Guide light should turn on and stay on if you use the microsoft drivers. Send me a email directly and i can explain better. This commenting area keeps getting longer ever since i posted the link to the guide. My email is . Good luck and just send me a message for Help. I am always willing to give it a try to help.

PCE out gotta go play nfsmw with xbox 360 controller

Been offline for a couple days so I missed out on all this fun. I’ll catch up and try out this driver ASAP. It seems like a much simpler solution than Pinnacle.

I just rented a 360, so not sure when I’ll be rocking Most Wanted on my PC again… might be a few days. 😉

It seems like the links to are broken. Could someone mirror the file that is referred to?

First of all, I gotta say thanks to Dhruv for taking his time out to help people get their 360 controller and the xbcd driver. Hes helping alot of people out. And i had a simple question, how does the controll work on games like NBA 06 and Madden 06- is just setting the gamepad controls in the game menu enough, or do these games have a deadzone problem like NFSMW.

Whoa, Talk about some tech support. That was fast. Thanks Dhruv. I should have the controller in a few days, and ill try it on all my games with the xbcd driver. ill get back to u.

Hey Dhruv,

Just to update you and all:

I had the latest DirectX drivers installed, as well as the Microsoft XBOX 360 pad drivers installed, and the pad was still not being recognized by the game, although it was recognized by Windows as I could calibrate the thing using Control Panel>Gamepads. However, I did notice that with the MS drivers, the light on the round "X" on the center of the pad would not stay on. Sooooo… I went and used your guide and installed the XBCD drivers as per the guide. (When installing the XBCD software, it asked me if I had uninstalled the pad from Windows, and that if I had not, I must do so, so I did. I am not sure if this is required, but I cancelled install, uninstalled the pad from Windows, and restarted the XBCD install.) After installing and following the guide to the tee, the pad’s "X" light lit up (and remained lit) and the pad was then recognized by Prince of Persia TT! The pad works perfectly and gameplay is super smooth! BTW, I used the second (middle) configuration for the pad on the guide, the one with separate somethings. 🙂

Thank you guys for your help with this!! Game on! 🙂

P.S. Also, don’t foget to do your chores, study, work, and enjoy life!

P.S.S. Also, don’t forget to make some time for God in your life! 🙂



Study? I’m on winter break now and i go back to school in 2 days. The reason it might be working is because after installing the new directx u uninstalled the driver. Even though u installed the xbcd drivers it probably is still running on the microsoft ones. because the link i gave for the XBCD drivers will not allow the light to stay lit because it can not fully Initialize the controller. If you go to device manager you will see that Microsoft common controller is still showing thus you are running off microsoft drivers and not XBCD ones. skip to step 3 and you should have the same device manager setup.

but then again i could be wrong because i missed the part where you said you used the 2nd configuration. My bad i missread the post. Have fun with POP

Dhruv i just got the windows 360 controller and i just want to make sure i have the steps correctly before i go ahead. This my first time so correct me if i made a mistake. 1.plug 360 controller in and install microsoft drivers via cd or internet. 2. Install XBCD v 1.07 3.Download xbcd 360 controller driver and follow steps to update driver. 4. have fun.

Drhuv, Is the above post right, I wanted to know before i go ahead with my installation cause i had some problems the first time.

sorry for slow responce Mark. You have the right idea. Dont forget to install Xbox360 drivers

Had a chance to try out the driver. It indeed works great for NFS Most Wanted. But I didn’t have any luck with a couple other games – namely, Quake 4 and Call of Duty 2. The games didn’t detect the controller at all.

Also, it does a much better job with the triggers and analog sticks than the default MS driver/Pinnacle combo, but I need to be able to map actions that might not be editable in game. IE. adding a screenshot button and mapping it to F10 – no game will give you an option to do that, nor would I want to use the game’s screenshot capabilities. I use Fraps for screenshots. Another example being the ESC key, or mapping an analog stick to the mouse. Simply can’t do that in game.

I tried using Pinnacle while the controller was running on the XBCD driver and no dice. It mixes up some of the axis and buttons.

My verdict at this moment is that Pinnacle is the way to go for me personally since hardly any games are going to recognize the controller out of the box.

Thanks for the heads up Dhruv and cool of you to help all these people in need of some assistance. I know your time and effort is appreciated.

Matt, thanks for the input on the driver. U know i should be getting the 360 controller tommorow but im aliitle confused if i shuold get pinnacle yet, or just use the xbcd 360 drivers. Let me list a few of the games I wish to play with the 360 controller, and maybe Matt, or Drhuv can suggest which way to go.( Games are NFSMW, Madden 06, NBA 06, Fifa 06, Halo, Ultimate spiderman, Heroes of Pacific) So what do yall think, should the controller +xbcd driver handle these good, or should i purchase pinnacle. I would appreciate any feedback, thanks

So what do u guys think, xbcd or pinnacle. I plan to use the 360 controller on mostly sports/racing games. I leave the fps to the mouse and keyboard.

Mark, for your game choices since they are mostly EA products i suggest XBCD drivers. but those last 2 games i never heard of Ultimate spiderman, Heroes of Pacific

By The way my school starts back up on jan 3rd so i probably wont be able to help during week days as im in honors Bio, Geography, Geometry, Language arts, and i have normal spanish and computer apps 2

Drhuv man, I appreciate the feedback. I guess ur right, I think xbcd drivers would be better for my games. since most my games support gamepad controls( like madden, fifa, and nba 06. I just hope that ill be able to assign the trigger buttons on the game menu for games like madden 06. I think matt was right about pinnacle being great for games that dont support gamepads, like COD2, Doom, Quake ect. But all my games have gamepad support so i think xbcd is the best. And just to let u know Heroes of the pacific-is a WW2 flying game, And ultimate spiderman- is a newer spiderman game, both of these support gamepad controls. I just dont know how flexible the mapping is in these games is. Since some games have horrible mapping options for gamepads. And Druv those classes u mentioned are almost exactly what i had a year and half ago. is this ur last year in high school or something. No disrespect if im totaly off and u happen to be in college or something. Well get back to me when u get a chance. thanks

I am using the XBCD drivers and they work pretty well. The only thing that bugs me is that the little X light is non-stop blinking. I installed everything in order but the light just blinks for all 4 players. Any way to fix?

Ya rumble works with all games ive played so far. Only Need for Speed Most Wanted is a little messed because when i use the left analog stick to drive or just move it anywhere the controller rumbles, even if i turned it off in NFS:MW. Is there a way to turn rumble off within XBCD setup utility?

James, i have the same problem and it seems if you want to turn rumble alltogether you have to set frequency to 0. but what i found is if u disable the y axises it helps a little. as for the left and right i’ve just gotten used to it. Plus i beat the game using the controller so it isn’t that bad

Dhruv, this entire comment thread led by you and matt has been extremely helpful…if i could bother you for one more thing. I’ve done everything above and in NFS:MW there is no rumble. I checked the XBCD SETUP window, and in the RUMBLE tab, the left/right actuators are both OFF. i pulled the sliders to high on both actuators and pressed APPLY. but for some reason, when i restart the game there is no rumble. going back out to the XBCD setup window the left/right actuators have been turned OFF, why is that? it seems as though the off position is the default or something and APPLYing it doesn’t keep it set at HIGH. Your help is much appreciated.

Izzy answers easy… go to and download the latest drivers. once you do that go to my guide and skip to step 3 and look for Human interphase devices. expand the menu and you should see XBCD Xbox…… Right-click the controller and choose updated driver. Now skip to step 9 and continue the process all the way to the end. Now if you go back you should feel rumble in the XBCD setup rumble tab. just turn up the side to high and make sure the frequency is 255.


I’m going to post a short one, because my post from yesterday was very long, involved, and I lost it all.

At any rate, I’ve inquired as an independent journalist with Microsoft’s XBox/Gaming department to confirm the "issue".

Tech support has both told me that my controller was "broken" (yesterday) and that "the rumble feature isn’t available on the PC" (today).

I need an official word on if the absence of this feature is intended.

I’ll keep you posted on any updates, or check my site.

Hey everyone,

After some hardships, I found a newer version of the driver (newer than 2.0) which was last updated on 1/4/2006. I believe this driver includes some patched changes from a thread on redcl0uds forums.

The special thing about this driver is that it doesn’t cause NFS:MW to crash, as the previous 2.0 driver from Matt-Land did. I don’t know if other people are having similar problems, but this fixed it for me!

Mine never crashed and my guide has also been updated to the new drivers link.

P.S. I beat the whole game nfsmw with this controller and had no problems. Your problem is that you need to patch needforspeed to the new 1.3 version cause you have 1.1 or 1.2

Druhv – nope, I am fully patched with NFS:MW. I can reinstall the old drivers via Update Driver in Device Manager and I consistantly get crashes anywhere from 2-5 minutes into the game. Menus, racing; it doesn’t matter.

Heh, scratch that – I still get the crashes with the new driver. Thing is, it doesn’t happen at all with the controller unplugged or if I have the stock Windows drivers installed.

Suck 🙁

Heey, me again.

My friend (who makes me feel more and more inferior every day) is the guy who worked out the rumble, and while I know this is getting the 360 controller to work on Windows, if you’re a hippy and have a Mac like I do, he’s made a driver for Mac OSX too, get it from:

And no, it’s not me plugging myself.

And my 360 was working great, then all of a sudden started looking all messed up on my TV… it works on other TV’s, just not mine… so I mailed Microsoft… and guess what:

"Thank you for writing Xbox Customer Care

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. It sounds like…"


Long story short, I’ve got an XBOX 360 in the post (since november, fingers crossed), and I don’t really want to wait out for a complete club football game. So I plan to get Fifa 06 and a gamepad for the PC. I checked through gameplay and amazon and all the gamepads are just PS style. Then I saw elsewhere this universal 360 controller and was amazed, frankly. Did a bit of research (being a natural cynic) and I found all this -btw great job Matt and Dhruv.

So the question is: even tho my experience in this sort of thing is limited (an ‘idiot’ as it is put in the XBCD guide), is A: the XBOX360 PC controller, B : all the stuff built into windows XP, and C: the stuff at this link:

-all I need?

Also (like someone else said – we need an edit function):

Wheres the best place to get the controller, in your opinion(s)? have it for just £24.99 , (about 35-40 dollars I think) which is 10 or 20 pounds cheaper than the microsoft-recommended dealers. Go for it or not?

Adam, Go for it. also my guide is just a base line. if you still need help you can always email me at the address at the bottom of the guide!

hello, I am having some problems with the XBCD driver. I have it installed, but beyond that, I have no idea what to do!! It would be great if someone could tell me what exactly to do. Sorry, I am not whiz with software 🙁 …The real problem is my games don’t detect it all. I have tried it with Battlefield 2 and Call of duty. Neither of which seem to work for me… if I could get some advice, that would be gret.

–Thank you ahead of time

Well, I downloaded the NFSMW demo, and it works fine for that it’s just that my other games dont work. The rumble doesn’t work too well, it tends to rumble when I move the analog stick and not when I crash, or ram a car.

–Thanks ahead of time

@Johnny: Sounds like you’ve done everything right. You’re experiencing the problem I’m bitching about – hardly any games will detect the controller regardless of which driver you use, which is why we need software to map the controller to keyboard and mouse functions.

Matt, I had a quick question, Will games that have gamepad support be able to detect the controller when when using xbcd drivers. And I thought Battlefield 2 had gamepad support? Im kinda confused about the xbcd driver, does it only work in games that have native gamepad support, and would this be the same when using the microsoft controller. Thanks in advance

Hi, I also picked up this controller from Microsoft. It’s actually a pretty good controller. For some apparent reason I decided to download the drivers for it on this page hoping that the rumble etc would work. Now its all screwed up. When I go to set my controls in a game the it just starts going crazy and making selections on it’s own. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling etc. VERY frustrating.

please reply


Are u talking about the XBCD drivers or Pinnacle? the new XBCD drivers sholud work great on games that have gamepad support. From what i hear. Pinnacle is more for games that domt have gamepad support, because u can map mouse and keys. But Pinnacle still has problems because it doesnt have full 360 analog support, and it only lets u map keys to your analog stick. So it would be like playing with arrows. I guess it depends on what games u play. Games with gamepad support= XBCD, FPS games with no gamepad support=Pinnacle. Guess its a lose lose, but hopefully them dudes at pinnacle will have some new software soon.

I got the XBCD drivers, and they solved quite a few problems, but in Madden I’m still unable to use the right analog stick for all the playmaker stuff, and the QB vision. The Rx and Ry axis are switched, not sure if that has anything to do with my problem. Any solution? Will the Pinnacle Game profiler solve this problem, also does the pinnacle game profiler mess up the drivers at all? Any help would be super.

UPDATE: I got the playmaker controls to work, but for some reason the QB vision still doesn’t work. I don’t know why the truck stick would work but not the QB vision, any insight again, would be helpful.

Hi, At the time my controller wouldnt work with ANY games. The controller went all crazy after the XBCD drivers installed (by crazy I mean, it would auto scroll through game menus and make selections on its own even after calibration, which it also went crazy for). For another reason the XBCD tool doesn’t even recognize my 360 controller, although I don’t care about that since it’s obviously a so/so product. BTW: Yes I did follow the instructions and yes I did try uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling etc. What I found was that after uninstalling my 360 controller, and then installing the XBCD drivers/software, when I would re-attach the controller windows would say "New Hardware found and just reinstall the OEM drivers" Therefore my system had both the third party XBCD drivers and the OEM drivers installed which caused conflicts. Either way, Im still hoping to get rumble to work on this controller. It’s a real flipping bummer MS sticks to its consistant pre release of "great" products that dont fully do the "great" part. I’m also looking to get full "guide" button support from MS.. I’t would be nice to program the "guide" button as an actual button on the controller, and make it lets say, the ESC key to bring it to the game menu. Full guide light support would also be a plus beeing that the multiplayer LED setup would be next to useless for the Windows use of their controller. I’m thinking it might still be several months before MS even releases an adiquate update for this controller. It would be nice for them to create a more modified "Game Controllers" option in "control panel" now that they are "Creating a revolutionary controller".

Lan, I actually had the same issues and it took me a while to get this xbcd thing working. What you actually have to do is install the microsoft drivers, then after that follow the steps to install the xbcd driver. AFter you install the xbcd driver nothing will happen until you go to device manager, and update the microsodt drivers by clicking update. After updating, the sbcd drivers should take control of the controller, therfore being the only driver, so u wont have conflict problems. In the xbcd program, the controls wont respond when in the game tab, but this is just in this tab, you can change settings, and then go t othe windows tab where all the controls will be responsive. This worked great in all my games with gamepad support. But in some games im noticing a very strange slowdown in FPS while using the controll. Any ideas?

ok i was wondering what you need to run the IDG file which is what your image guide is and also has anybody ever used this for World of Warcraft?

Does anyone know any way to use xbox360 controller in Tiger Woods 2006 for pc? There doesnt seem to be any controller setup in the game. Is there a way I am not seeing?

Hey guys, This just in… I know i havent been here in a while but i just found something really cool for those games that dont have controller support. it is 100% free. if you use the xbcd drivers guide and install the xbcd 360 drivers then install this app you can map all keyboard keys to a button or axis on the xbox 360 controller. (I think it will work with any controller [not just the xbox ones]…I have not personally tested it with others.) I will update my guide asap with the new software link and i’ll post a link here too.

The Program Is called ControlMK and is made by redcl0ud. AKA the maker of the original xbcd drivers.

Click Here For Direct Download Link

I love this profiler and it is just like Pinnacle except w/o all the fancy unneeded stuff and the price tag.

Leave me comments on my email.

Have Fun ask for help.

Yes, Finally. Im here to confirm that control MK works 100%. It lets you map all keyboard/mouse controls to your controller and runs in the background while you play your games in order to send the controller movements to the game. It can be closed any time so it wont interfere with any other controller driver/software since it only runs when you open it.

You can make profiles for as many fps games as you want. All you do is open control mk, choose your profile, and then open the game. Simple as that. It won’t collide with xbcd which means you can use your normal full analog controls when you play NFSMW, and then simply fire up Control mk before you start a FPS game. Ive tried it with Battlefield 2, Far Cry, Doom, Serious Sam 2, You name it. Any game without gamepad support. Its 100% free, way easier and simpler than pinnacle and runs only when opened so it can be installed while xbcd is running. Also it reads from the xbcd driver, so you can go to xbcd and change your controller buttons around and theyll be like that in controll MK. No need to use exes like pinnacle, or manage profile exes. Its basically a simple version of pinnacle. Also when you have xbcd installed you can use the xbcd control panel to guide you when your setting the buttons in control MK. Its PERFECT!

Matt, and guys, you’ve all been really helpful. Hoping you can give me a bit of advice: I had the Xbox 360 controller recognized one day, next day, it shows the yellow exclaim point. Deleted that in Hardware Devices, tried reinstall of Xbox 360 Controller for Windows drivers, and no matter what I still get the yellow jones. I’ve seen several mentions her about uninstalling the Xbox for 360 controller drivers before using the others mentioned – problem for me is that they don’t show up in Add/Remove programs, to uninstall. Am I missing something obvious? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, ninjas. Joe

Anyone try using the Xbox360 controller and Battlefield 2? I have both and i hate using Keyboard/mouse controls. Whats the best way to use the xb360 controller for everything including mouse look. I’m basically trying to make the controls for Battlefield 2 just like the controls for Socom 3 on the Playstation. Any ideas?

Gabe that is a easy fix. You need to first install the xbcd 360 drivers. The guide link is Here

Once you have installed the drivers head back to the download page and download Control MK. Set it up to your likings. Also check out my forum Here

You can visit my forum "Games Specific" area and request a profile for that game. agentsanderson one of my forum members has been very nice as to tring to make profiles for requested games. Ask him nicely and he will probably be able to put one together for you if he has the game. also to make things faster tell him what keys you want assigned what action and it will probably help him in speeding the process.

BTW the program is very easy to use so you might be able to figure out how to make profiles yourself.

P.S. Matt if your are reading this can you please add a link to my site so i can get my site "out there" and also point them to my forums so they are not using as much of your comments field and it will relive some of your bandwidth. One thing i hope you can do is give me some feedback as how to make the guide better. Most people are just giving me specific instances and that does not help me improve the guide in general. Thanks in advanced

Hope that helps,

Dhruv Bhavsar

Hello, I love the ControlMK ap, but I don’t know which axis is which, can someone make a diagram of this?

Thank You


I’m so sorry but can’t help with the diagram because there are many profiles out there if your using the xbcd drivers. tell me which profile your using and i might be able to help.

TIP use the gamecontroller advanced properties in the control pannel it might help you with the axis if your using stock xbox drivers


That was a fast response!

Thank’s for the tip, but my problem is with ControlMK, it says "-Y axis" (just as an example) and I don’t know what that is. 🙁

Okay, if that wasn’t the fastest response time in the world, I don’t know what is. =-O What about the Z?

Okay thank you!

That is a huge help, and I’m afraid I’m abusing the forum here for frequent posts, so this is Jonny signing out.

JAMES!: Yes there is a controller option inside Tiger Woods 2006!!! I’ve had this game for about a month and uninstalled it because I thaught I couldnt use my controller with it, even though I read that it was enabled in this version of TWPGA for the PC. I decided today to reinstall it and give it another go. Heres how you do it. You have to create a golfer, after a few clicks there you will end up on the main screen for that profile where you can change your golfers visual options etc. You will then see a small dialog box on the left side of the screen that will display how much $$ you have and what you are naming your golfer there will also be "Control Method" Click through them until you see "Gamepad". It’s so annoying how ea sports set that up and it’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. Anyway, good luck it works great now that I have actually found the dang option! PS: Everyone I am still VERY disapointed and pissed at microsoft that they havn’t improved the drivers for the Xbox 360 comtroller for windows. I have wrote them several times about this, I encourage you all to do the same. Screw all that half assed third party software!!!

I just have to say it. A million thanks for this tip. I’ve been going insane over this for three months now 🙂

Again, thank you.

Oops… I accidentaly hit "enter"… anyway, Battlefield 2 doesn’t see my L + R buttons, I’ve tried using them as digital buttons and put them on seperate axises.

I’ve followed the guide to the letter and still cannot get winxp to recognize my controller as a xbox 360 controller, I get "Microsoft common controller" and cannot update the drivers as in step 3. I have a 3rd party controller- pelican pl-3601 for xbox 360. I tried using 0.1.1 instead of the 0.2.1 and still no luck. I’m running winxp pro if that matters. please help I’ve been at this for about 5 hours lol

I can get to where it finally has the option for a xbox 360 controller..thats defiante progress..but when I try to update the driver to the "xbox" one I get a blue screen and my computer crashes..I was thinkin maybe an IRQ conflict so I changed USB ports and for some reason my computer will only detect the controller in 1 out of my 4 ports…I’m starting to think about setting the controller on fire

here’s the order of things I’m doing..maybe that’s the problem even though I’ve tried multiple variations:

install microsoft drivers

install xbcdv107.exe

ran install.bat (I’ve tried switching the bat file and xbcd back and forth)

plugged in controller

went to control panel and tried to update driver both choosing xbox controller and pointing it directly to the folder with rc2.2