I damn near peed my pants today when I came across this forum post among the daily posts on Forever Geek. After reading through the thread, I found out how they were making these hilarious scenes. Some dude named Garry created the ‘Garry Mod’, which allows you to basically just play around with the coolness of the Half-Life 2 physics engine. I created this funny little scene of 3 combine playing football with a baby[doll]! This is just the beginning! More to come…


Hee! I can’t be arsed to play with the camera at this point. I’m still having too much fun just playing with the physics. There have definitely been some moments I wish I’d captured, though. 😉

I made the coolest beasts so far. My favorites have been:

-the big blue dumpser with like 6 tires on each side just wobbling around in circles

-a gas canister with saw blades and manhacks attached causing it to jump and spin around on its bottom in an asymmetrical fashion

-a group of about a half dozen tires randomly roped together and set at a high rate of spin… the sudden jumps when the tires catch, combined with the tugging of the ropes made this odd sort of flying, 3-d rendering of a spyrograph… only without the cool design in its wake

Hehe… okay I’m done.

Whoa, that’s intense! I haven’t really played around with roping objects together etc. I’m gonna have to, though! As as I was about to shutdown last night, I discovered the passage at the back of the room that leads to the other levels in the game. Chopping a dude in half then playing with his torso = pure gold!

Made another one last night. I call it… ‘Bad Dog

I’m not gonna get anything done this weekend. 😉

You can just position them in the air with the manipulator, then right-click and they’ll stay there. For some of them, that have flailing limbs etc, I actually tossed them (without letting go) and froze them.

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I saw this on Forever Geek, and thought ‘very clever’! Then I came across this, and wondered whether it was…