I’ve been making an effort to spend more of my gaming time playing multiplayer via Xbox Live as of late. There are many reasons I don’t put many hours into online play – the most prominent being the fact that I can’t stand being yelled at by 12 year-olds who shouldn’t be playing mature rated games anyway. Come to think of it, the random banter you hear come out of the younger players mouths is more annoying than the whining, but that’s beside the point. Playing with the “general public” usually isn’t all that fun and is often spoiled by 1 or 2 asshats.

This is where Seasoned Gamers comes in. While I’ve just joined the community and am in the midst of filling up my friends list with other SG members, I already feel a sense of relief knowing that I’ll be playing with non-asshats from here on in. Well, when I’m not playing Ranked matches, anyway.

I figured this would be a good time to do a big clean out of my friends list as it’s grown wildly out of control over the past few months. It was up to 62 people, about a quarter of which I could identify. Even less that are actual friends of mine. I guess that’s what happens when you have your GamerTag on the homepage of your blog. In any case, I’ve gone through and removed a whole wack of people that fit under one of the following criteria…

  • I don’t see them online often or haven’t been online in the past 2 weeks.
  • They don’t play the same games that I do frequently.
  • I have no idea who they are.

If you find that I have mysteriously disappeared from your friends list, don’t take it personally. I just don’t really see the point in having my FR filled up with people that I don’t play with. Especially now that there are a whole bunch of people at my finger tips to cut in half and have a good time with.


More MP gaming is something that I’m hoping to do a bit more of in the future as well. I found in the past that I just didn’t have the time to sit down and dedicate a couple of hours playing a game. I’m hoping now that I don’t have a 2.5 hour commute every day that I’ll be able to have a little more gaming time for myself.

"I can’t stand being yelled at by 12 year-olds who shouldn’t be playing mature rated games anyway."

Exactly why I dont use my 360 as much as I really want to. What kind of games you plan on playing? I would like to get alot more into GoW and Rainbow Six Vegas my self.

Nothing really tops having to hear the people that change their voice during gp.

Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s creepy.. Especially when I end up on the same team as them, and they talk to me because I’m a girl.

But all that aside, sometimes I think that’s what makes the game a bit better (though not ALL games on live.) Moreso I enjoy it a bit more when I play Halo 2. Gives me a good laugh for awhile, and keeps me entertained.

Ya, I agree with Nath. Usually when a person sends me a friend request the only way I accept it is when:

a) I’ve heard their voice and they don’t sound like their an annoying kid.

b) They have common sense, something a lot of people seem to be missing these days.

I rather have a friend that has common sense but might not be the best at the game than someone who is dick and really good.

Welcome to SG, I got REALLY REALLY REALLY tired of the asshats on XBL and I found a home in SG.

Believe me, get in a good game of gears or R6V with one of the SG members hosting and its hella good time laughing and having fun just gaming yanno.. thats what makes the site so awsome 🙂

I’m hoping that with the release of "Games for Windows", Microsoft will increase the number of friends we can have on our lists.

When you get embedded in gaming communities, your list quickly fills up. My list stays mostly full. I know everyone on my list from somewhere and I accept no public invites. These are just my console gaming friends that I’ve met from OTHER places over time. What happens when I my PC gaming friends start playing Games for Windows?

Well, I guess there’s always Xfire. Their friend of a friend feature allowed me to find some cool games on some cool servers.

I think MajorNelson said the average gamer has 25 people on their friend’s list. I think that’s their justification for NOT increasing the size of the buddy list.

So, I wonder if MySpace would be as popular if it only limited the number of friends each one could have to 100?

Alas, I’m going to have to refine my list.


Cleaning up the contact list is something you’ll have to do once in a while 😉

Just did the same a few weeks ago. Result: 30 people less on the contact list, and noone is complaining.

And about the Online Gaming. A community like seasoned gamers is an awsome idea, hope someday here, in Poland an community like this will also emerge. Maybe it already exists, but haven’t heard of it yet…

Those 12 year old kids always seem to beat me too! LOL. Great site btw. I haven’t been on XBOX live in over a year. World of Warcraft has taken over life since the expansion came out! LOL

I ended up getting a 360 for Christmas from my grandparents as a split gift with my brother. I decided to buy him a live subscription for his birthday (Feb. 9th) and gave it a shot while I was home for the weekend.

I’ve now experienced first hand what everyone is reffering to when they talk about being yelled at by 12 year olds. I feel your pain.

I’d definitely like to hear about your experience with Seasoned Gamers Matt. Sounds like a good group of people and a better way to game.