“Are Your Sure You Want To Delete Your Profile?” Yes… I Mean No! Nooo!

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to myself as “idiot”, “moron” or “tool” tonight. First off, let me preface this story by reminding you that I moved at the beginning of the week and have been spending every day since getting our new place up to speed. That’s meant lots of late nights and hours on end of un-packing and settings things up. Needless to say, I’m totally wiped and physically exhausted. We’re in good shape now, but it’s definitely been a tough week. Regardless, I’m a total idiot and I wish it was physically possible to kick myself in the face. Here’s why…

Last night I had a friend over and we rocked the Xbox 360 for a couple hours. I always create a local profile for friends so they can see what earning Achievements is all about, etc. This evening I plopped my ass down on the couch to shoot some dudes after a long day and upon starting up my console, it auto-signed in “Ryan” (friend’s profile). I signed out and headed over to the System blade where I navigated to the screen where you can delete profiles. Just as I’m getting there, Deanna comes in the room and sits down. We were engaged in conversation the entire time and I was explaining something to her at this point. She looks over at the screen as I’m confirming the profile deletion then quickly turns back to me with her eyes wide open. I realized immediately what I had done. The conversation ceased and my jaw hit the floor. Oh. My. Fuck. I just deleted my entire profile – more importantly, all my save games. I totally got all panicky and my vision went blurry for a second. Then I realized I had been using a Memory Unit recently for save games so I could play in the living room or office. I thought I might be in the clear as only the most recent games I’ve played were on the MU while the rest remained on the HDD. I recovered my GamerTag (which was an agonizing 20 minute process!) and quickly navigated back to the memory management screen where I browsed through the games. To my horror, everything, and I mean everything of mine was gone. I guess I had cleared out my profile from both the MU and the HDD. Unfuckingbelievable.

Can you believe I did that? Everything I’ve done since last April… gone. I beat just about every game I played and have recently started re-purchasing games that are now super cheap so I could pop them in here and there and re-play my favourite levels, etc. Now it’s all gone.

Some good does come out of this. Battlestations Midway comes out next week and I’m pretty strapped for cash from the move and all, so I didn’t think I’d be able to pick it up for a while. Now I have a few games I can trade in as I couldn’t be bothered to play them through again.

Either way, what a drag!