The road from ugly-ass, table-abusive coding to standards compliant XHTML/CSS is definitely a bumpy one. There have been so many browser specific issues I’ve had to find work-arounds for I’m not even going to attempt to list them here. One of them has been plaguing this site since I redesigned it, and you may have noticed it if you’re an IE user. Right-aligned images disappeared all together, leaving a big, white space. After re-coding the CSS for the surrounding DIVs several times, I had almost lost hope and tried applying various styles to the img tag itself. My jaw fell into my damn lap when I discovered the fix…

.content img {
position: relative;

Serious. That’s it. I’m carrying lunch meat on me at all times, from now on. Just in case I ever run into Bill Gates, I’ll have it on hand to slap him with.