I had a good week’s worth of posts planned out, that is until 1&1 decided to crap out on me. On Tuesday afternoon around 1pm my site returned a 404 in three different languages. This love error was displayed to the world for the following two hours. All the while, I was calling their 1-800 “expert technical support” help line to find out WTF was up. Not once did I even get put in a queue. For the most part, I would hear an obnoxious beep followed by “We’re sorry, all of our circuits are busy right now. Please calling back later.” Do you realize how infuriating that is when your site is offline and you can’t even be queued for support? I know their email support is completely useless as I’ve waited over 2 weeks for a reply on a message marked “critical”, but I fired one off anyway So, I’m sitting here staring at this 404 that just magically appeared with no answer as to why I’m seeing it and no idea how long until it will be fixed.

When it finally came back up, the performance was spotty and it was timing out every few clicks. After about an hour, it went offline again. This time for approximately an hour and a half. That was the final straw for this guy. I contacted Media Temple and told them what was happening and asked if I could get setup with the 9rules partnership program. Less than 20 minutes later I heard back from Jason who welcomed me to Media Temple with the partnership package. As soon as my account was ready (which was about 10 minutes), I started moving my site over. Not how I wanted to spend my evening, to say the least. But now I know I’m in good hands at Media Temple and I’m kicking myself for putting off moving to them for so long. I had planned to move when their new Shared-Server 6 packages are released, but I simply wasn’t going to just sit here and do nothing while 1&1 sits there and does nothing.

Man, I tell ya. I’ve had no luck with hosting. Let’s hope my days of down-time and waiting for days on end for a reply from tech support “experts’ is over. Oh, I actually heard back from 1&1 only 2 days after the incident. That’s a record for them! Not that they were much help. though…

We apologize for the inconvenience.

We encountered some technical problems on our servers. Everything is
working fine now. Please check websites again.

To which I replied…

Nice to hear from you… two days late, though. I’ve already moved my site to Media Temple as I can’t afford this kind of down time and your support response time is completely ridiculous – especially in critical situations such as this. I realize you’re one of the cheapest hosting providers around, but it’s just not worth it.

Now that I’m back online and don’t have to worry about random 404s showing up instead of my site, my series of E3 wrap-up posts will continue… tomorrow. 😛


Thats pretty horrible — as much as I’ve bitched about my webhost at least I can get someone on the phone or a quick response — not usually a helpful one but at least there are bodies on the other end of the line.

2 days and a "duh check it now?" response? Slap in the face!

Of course I have nothing but good things to say about MediaTemple, but that’s because not only am I the President of MediaTemple, I’m also a client. Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

As another MediaTemple 9rules partnership user, I have to say you will not be dissapointed. I have had no downtime to date, and support is amazing.

And when ss6 comes out, it’ll be a whole ‘nother service. The stuff they have planned is great.

Good Choice.

That sucks Matt.

I have 1&1 right now, for my site and my girlfriend’s site.

I’ve sometimes noticed a little slowdown on her site when I’m testing it, and occasionally, I’ve seen downtime, but the longest it ever lasted is about 10 minutes, which still sucks.

Also, I’ve had to call their ‘tech support’ before, and it totally blew, long waiting times, and half-ass answers.

You get what you pay for though, so, so far I can’t complain too much, but if it ever gets outta hand, I’m probably going to take the route you just took and go to MT.

@BPAndrew: That’s exactly it. I wasn’t going to write about them and this whole situation until I got that reply. Jerks.

@Scrivs: Haha, nice. I must thank you for hooking up with Media Temple. I know it’s been suggested to me by a few fellow 9rulers to switch, but it really is important that you have a solid host with support you can count on. Yet another perk of being part of the 9!

@Koray: That’s good to hear – and again, not the first time I’ve heard such things. Totally can’t wait to get on ss6.

@Paul: Yeah, I’ve had sporadic shittiness in the past and I’ve thought about moving a couple times. It just took one big incident to give me the push I need. If you’re considering moving, you should before something bad happens and you regret not having done it sooner.

I’ve been on (mt) for quite a while now and I have to say, I love them. I can’t wait for ss6.0, it’s going to be awe-some, I finally get to show off some of my RoR experimentation!

Yeah I know what you mean.

I’ve been using 1&1 for a little over two years now and it seems like there’s always some problem.

Sometimes I think it’s scheduled to crap out.

I’ve been thinking about switching hosts for while now but I have a couple of sites, and I don’t feel like going through the stress of the switch over.

Always wondered why you gave 1 & 1 props. They are a horrible hosting company that overloads their servers and does not hire enough support people because they only charge $5 a month.

good move on the switch.

Matt, bit of a coincidence – this is happening to me right now! I only went live with my site in it’s new WordPress-powered format about 3 days ago. Since then I’ve had pretty dodgy performance and stacks of time-outs. I’m currently with Netcetera over here in the UK.

As somebody who has just made the hop to Media Temple, do you think it’s a good idea for me to make the transition? I have no doubts about the quality – I’ve been eyeing up MT for ages now. My only concern is regarding customer-support, being from the UK and all.

It really sucks as I had sent my site in to 9rules for May 17th, and I doubt anybody could’ve even pulled up my home page. It hasn’t even been worth my while posting in the last couple days.

Welcome to (mt) man! I’ve been on here for over a month, and am really happy with the services, i’m very much looking forward to the release of SS 6.0.

By the way, just noticed you can now undock the comments form, thats hot man, nice work!

@Alan: That sucks dude. I actually saw some down time on May 1 shortly after Rebooting my site. When you see problems at times like that, it’s almost unbareably when you can’t get an answer out of your host.

I’m not sure about Media Temple’s support for people outside of North America. I would imagine it would be the same. Wouldn’t hurt to drop them an email and ask.

@Andy: That’s good stuff eh? I can’t take the credit for it as Neo Geek worked his JS magic on it. I’ve got some more updates to the site I’ll be rolling out soon, at which point I’ll mention this radass form publically.

I’m with (mt) as well, and being based in New Zealand I can tell you their support is great.

I’ve only had to contact them once (when I wasn’t even a customer), to enquire about ss6.0 and I got a next day response.

Glad to see you moved 🙂

Matt, thanks. I sent MT and email and got a reply straight back. I’m getting very good vibes of them – apparently the same support is available no matter where you are physically located. Meanwhile, my site seems to have settled down so I’ll probably hang on for SS6.0 and change over then.

By the way, your site is great dude. The layout has a great feel to it. Heard about you through the Good Riddance website – I can’t wait to hear Sean Sellers destroy on the new GR album!

Hi Matt,

I switched to Media Temple a few weeks ago cause my old provider was a cheaphoster, too. My database was like matrix style and I needed 5 min for posting a comment on my wordpress blog. Media Temple is really nice so far, the support is just great. I can just recommended (mt) to everyone who needs a stable and fast shared server. Can’t wait for SS 6.0, too.

I’ve been with 1&1 on two seperate occasions now, and have had nothing but bad experiences (very similiar support situations to yours).

I’m on DreamHost right now, and it seems to be working out pretty well — I’ve never had to wait more than 6 hours or so for an e-mail response.

Good luck with Media Temple — they seem like a really respected host.

I use 1&1 for domains and Dreamhost for hosting. The mix has been ok so far but time will tell. Actually Dreamhost is serving me well I have to say but I wish it would sort out its control panel, it’s a bit of a headache. Media Temple hhhmmm… maybe one day.

Both 1and1 and Dreamhost suck big time. Anyhow u made a good decision finally. Heard lot of good things abt MT. I run my blog on my own server bought from softlayer.

Congrats on the mt. I really should move my site to them too, but I’m just lazy. Mind you, GoDaddy has yet to give me a 404 when I try to access my site..

I’ve been looking for a new host lately and I think I just found my solution. I just ordered some hosting from MT, my current hosting has hardly any downtime but also has horrible customer support.

I really don’t get all the MT hype. I have sites (and clients) on Media Temple, Dreamhost, 1and1, and a few other small fries. Our MT sites are running strong, no doubt, but I never had a reason to contact them so I can’t speak of there support service but I hear it is great. My problem with MT is their packages offer "less" than almost ANY major hosting company and they charge MORE. Sure, maybe that is because if I need them they will come knocking at my door- but regardless.. the amount of space, databases, their PHP safe mode crap, and all the rest of it is weak compared to the likes of others… Dreamhost and 1and1 included. Besides their 1-2-3 WordPress install, I see nothing special about them.

Lucky for me, our sites (11 of them) on 1and1 have always ran fine without worries. I have heard alot of nightmares from others, but I guess we lucked out. If I ever feel the need to "move on" it would have to be with a hosting company that not only offers great support but gives me a competitive package for my money. Media Temple will not be it.

Cpawl, you have to keep in mind that MT does not oversell. Dreamhost offers the world at rock bottom prices, but it is becuase they oversell terribly. They make a killing because they know you will pay for the terabytes of bandwidth, but you will never ever use it. And if you do, they will catch you with CPU usage notices.

It’s the same with most companies now a days. I actually reccomend overselling to newer hosting companies, because it is a smart approach to converting customers. But not at the ammounts that dreamhost oversells.

This really isn’t a bash dreamhost comment. I’ve heard nothing but praise from DreamHost customers. I just wanted to point out that you are getting what you pay for. Not paying for what you won’t use and they don’t have.

wow, i actually came to your site today to look for the 1and1 link so i could switch hosting providers. I recently switched to WP @ synide.net and have had a terrible time with pageloads, and they even lost my entire sites a few months back. the only reason i stayed with them is because they gave me a few months free hosting after losing all my data, and had forgotten to turn back on the monthly charge. i really like their multiple domain feature, which lets me put synide.net/synide.com/halotv.net on the same hosting plan, and am waiting for their confirmation email.


It’s the lack of overselling that I find lacking with MT, or maybe it is. Should the customer have to pay more for less, "more" being more than MOST hosting companies good or bad have to offer- simply because they are small guys with a different business model. I sincerely do not see any glory in their offerings- nice the help customers when they should… nice to know that cost premium now-a-days. MT offers very basic packages, things like WordPress installs and Squirrel Mail tends to gain interest from those who only need simple services. In this reguard, I mention Dreamhost because if all some kid needs is a simple blog- why pay higher rates for it. If you need more dedicated server functions and applications, MT offers very little for the money (PHP safe mode, extra for e-commerce support, and the list goes on_). If I am a developer who need such things, I look for hosting to make sure I have the best value for my money. I know plenty LOVE MT… but to me (and I do have clients who use it) there is more hype and trend then serivces. Most of my customer service calls to them were concerning why I have to pay more for services that should be built in.

I had 1&1 for 20 days. I was sending emails to myself to test some HTML email stuff.

Time from the moment I sent it until it reached my inbox: a day and a half.

As if that was even possible. I just pictured my email being held for ransom, crying profusely, insisting it wasn’t spam but being held anyway. A day and a half.

Bunch o crap. Mediatemple is great.

How is your email spam with (mt) Matt? If you don’t have the spam guard that costs $3/month you have 0% filtration and usually get hundreds of spams per day. I am in that boat but don’t really want to shell out $40/year just to get no spam, which they should filter anyway. Any suggestions?