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Call of Duty 4 Simply Couldn’t Wait

Just under two weeks ago, I wrote about having to budget my gaming time and outlined the titles I’m currently playing and those that will take a back seat for the time being. With nearly every game I’ve played over the past few months being a shooter, I figured Call of Duty 4 could wait. […]

I Almost Forgot to Write About Call of Duty: World at War

In Call of Duty: World at War, the series makes a jump back to World War 2 and development was handled by the folks at Treyarch. Call of Duty originated with Infinity Ward, who handled the first, second, and fourth games. Treyarch developed the Xbox/PS2 exclusive titles a few years back, along with Call of […]

Call Of Duty 2: Review

The Call of Duty franchise is like no other. Among the sea of World War 2 themed games that have been released over the past few years, the COD series has continued to stand out and lead the pack as one of the most intense and memorable game experiences. This stands true in Call of Duty 2 as you once again suit up as an American, British and Russian soldier to battle the German empire.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

I had no intentions on playing this year's dose of Call of Duty, which is kind of crazy considering how long I named COD as being one of my favourite video game franchises. Simply put, I'm Call of Duty'd out. But there's no denying that Infinity Ward are a solid development studio, and after being let down by Battlefield 3's mediocre campaign, I found myself with a craving for some top-shelf modern warfare goodness. I knew full well that MW3 would deliver, and it surely did.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

I have to hand it to Treyarch. They really delivered this year, and have made Black Ops II a stand-out game in this long running series.

Call of Duty 3: Review

Unless you're really hurting for something to play (which is hard to believe considering the onslaught of awesome titles that just hit over the past few weeks), I wouldn't bother picking up COD3. It's a worthy rent, but I think I'm going to trade mine in for a copy of COD2. Suddenly, I have this urge to rekindle the flame of COD greatness.

My Love/Hate Relationship With PC Gaming

I love playing games on my PC, I really do. But at the same time, I find myself completely frustrated with it on a regular basis. I’m sure I’m not alone on this, but here’s some of the main issues I have with PC gaming… Hardware It seems no matter what you put in your […]

X’06 Hands-on: Gears of War, Forza 2, Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk’s Project 8 and more!

Yes, I am a lucky man. I may have caught a nasty cold, but I also had a chance to play some of this year's biggest titles, weeks before they come out. For those that aren't familiar with the X'0 events - they're Microsoft's annual hands-on press gatherings where they showcase the upcoming holiday line-up. Contrary to popular belief, this was not the first time an X'0 event was held in Toronto. They actually go way back to X'03, which was the first that I attended. I wrote about X'04, but missed X'05. This year, I took my buddy Andrew along who chainsaw'd me in GOW more than a few times. Anyway, on to the good stuff!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

As much as I enjoy the Assassin's Creed series, Brotherhood was not a game I had high hopes for. In fact, leading up to its release, I had only watched the first couple trailers before writing it off almost entirely. Why would I do such a thing? With games like Call of Duty, Need for Speed, Guitar Hero, and the annual sports titles dropping like clock work every single year without fail (now, with the exception of Guitar Hero), I assumed Assassin's Creed was the latest franchise to receive the mandatory sequel treatment. I was expecting the worst - a rushed, watered down sequel that paled in comparison to its predecessor, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I couldn't have been more wrong. Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is a fully realized sequel, even more so than Assassin's Creed II which laid the ground work.

What I’m Playing, What I’m Not and What Will Have to Wait

Just after this year’s E3, I wrote about all the great games that are coming out by the end of this year and broke them down into two lists. Games I will most likely buy and others that I’m on the fence about. The year isn’t up yet and we’re actually in the calm before […]

Widescreen Gaming Woes

Man, was I ever stoked when I brought home my 21" 16:10 LCD monitor. Unfortunately, that feeling didn't last as long as I had hoped. It seems there's several issues which hamper widescreen gaming that aren't exactly common knowledge. Even after doing hours of research into pros and cons of having a widescreen LCD, I was met with many challenges and frustrating roadblocks that prevented me from jumping into the games I had been playing on my old 19" CRT. With the growing popularity of widescreen monitors and LCDs quickly taking over the monitor market share, I thought it would be a good idea to share my experiences and hopefully cut down the hours you might spend troubleshooting should you pick up a widescreen LCD. First thing's first. There's some terminology you need to know and understand...

Killzone 2 Was Worth the Wait

This is where I start raving about Killzone 2 and my readership that prefers Xbox 360 either turns their head or rolls their eyes. Let me be the first to say that up until about the beginning of February, I had the same immediate reaction to Killzone 2. After the reviews starting pouring in, most […]

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