Heyo! I'm Matt Brett, a freelance web designer living in beautiful BC, Canada. I specialize in WordPress development and generally making things that are awesome. When I'm not working, I'm playing video games, and I've published 136 game reviews over the past few years.

Theme Support

Extent of Support

Support is not required of ThemeForest authors, but I do offer limited support for my customers. I only provide support for my themes and their core features and functionality. I cannot assist with general WordPress support or help with modifications in any capacity.

Support requests are handled via email, which should be sent from my ThemeForest profile (bottom of the right column) as this is the only way I can verify legitimate customers. Typically, I handle support requests Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings.


Theme updates are available to customers who have already made a purchase at no additional cost, and can be obtained from the downloads section of your ThemeForest profile. Updates will be released periodically to fix bugs, improve compatibility with newer versions of WordPress, add new functionality, or all of the above.

My ThemeForest profile lists all of my themes and their current version. Unfortunately, at this time there is no way for me to notify customers of updates to their themes.


I do not warranty or guarantee my WordPress themes in any manner. I cannot guarantee they will function with all third party components, plugins, web browsers, and server environments.

Markup, Style, and Compatibility

All of my themes are built on XHTML 1.0 Strict and make use of Eric Meyer’s CSS Reset technique. The templates are well commented with obvious flags, so figuring out where containers start and end shouldn’t be an issue.

There are a few stylesheets in the /css directory – screen.css being the main one that contains all of the theme’s structure and style. There are some overrides for different versions of IE located in separate stylesheets that are displayed conditionally.

My themes are tested in all major browsers on both OS X and Windows. They are compatible with all versions of Internet Explorer (version 6 and up), to an extent. Some frills are missing in action since IE isn’t up to par with the latest CSS. Rounded corners on certain items, for example. Some effects added to images by layering transparent PNGs have been hidden for IE6 in lieu of doing extensive work-arounds.